Mujeres de Juárez

2005 | Solo Voice and Computer | 12 Minutes

Commissioned by Ana Baer-Carrillo
For the film and dance by Ana Baer-Carrillo
Laine Rettmer, Voice



Voices + Sine Waves
Digital Download and Limited Edition CD | Avant Media

World Premiere: AM, Dance Ground Keriac, San Francisco, CA - May 13th, 2006

Notes from the release of Voices + Sine Waves

Mujeres de Juárez was created for the short film by Ana Baer-Carrillo. The film is a powerful and poignant work exploring the unsolved murders of young women plaguing the Mexican border town of Juárez since the mid 1990s. The beautiful images inspired me to create what I consider one of my most beautiful pieces. Recorded over a single night with Laine Rettmer, Mujeres de Juárez took a single process (recording in and looping snippets of music (something I began exploring in Anger, Room, Two Sides and Doleo Æternus - it is one of my favorite processes)) and overlaid it with several layers of wordless singing.

After a few weeks of rehearsal, the actual recording unfolded very quickly. A fairly straightforward improvisatory process: I would sing a line, Laine would repeat it back and I would grab it on the computer and loop it. Through a random, but delightful, circumstance, one of us accidentally hit a lower note than planned and created a whole new, much more minor, harmony than we had been working with. A happy accident led to a much more interesting piece of music. After the initial recording, we overlaid three more lines to fill out the piece. Mujeres de Juárez is one of those pieces that I still listen to regularly and it represents my first true foray into raga-based work. The melodic line that opens the composition was taken from my studies in Rāga Bilaval, which I had begun learning a few months prior from La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. The entire composition is deeply indebted to the experience of singing raga and the method in which it is learned.

Presentation History
Dance Forms Productions | Guatemala Ciudad, Guatemala : June 6 - 7, 2014
NeXuS Concert Series | Boulder, Colorado : February 4 - 6, 2011
Mémoire-en-Ciel | Los Angeles, California : March 26 - 27, 2010
MERGE Dance | Austin, Texas : February 25th, 2010
AM | San Francisco, California : May 13 - 14, 2006

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