i left you on a cold day in december

2007 | Short Film |
HD video with Sine-Wave Accompaniment | 11 Minutes

Filmed in Boulder, CO - December, 2006
Featuring Laine Rettmer - Dance and Choreogrpahy

First Shown: Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art - April, 2007

i left you on a cold day in december was originally conceived as a synchronicity of sound and image. The work, at its core, consists of static shots of live flesh (the dancer and choreographer Laine Rettmer) and perceptually ancient flesh (the bark of an old tree in the foothills of Colorado). Shot on a single cold day in December, with slight flurries in the air, the work was slightly expanded with layered footage of Rettmer's dance on the timed changing static shots.

Conceptually the work exists in two forms: a pure installation version which has yet to be shown where each image is married to a single sine wave tone between the primes 23 and 29 above a fundamental, and the "videodance" with the soundtrack of Distant Melodies from a Cold Day between 23 and 29 originally shown at the Sans Souci Festival. The soundtrack for the videodance version takes the same pitch material as a source for melody and harmony.

Presentation History
Dia Staff Show Film Screening | Newburgh, NY : August 9th, 2019
Sans Souci Festival | Boulder, Colorado : April 6th, 2007

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