Hidden Scenes at Twilight


Solo Bowed Marimba with 1-10 Metronomes | ca. 8 Minutes

World Premiere: Boulder, CO - Spring, 1999

Avant Premiere: Any Little Dog Says So, Boulder Public Library, Boulder, CO - March 6th, 2001
Randy Gibson - Bowed Marimba
Matt Beckemeyer, Jared Banta, Adria Ryan, and Drew Blumberg - Metronomes

Hidden Scenes at Twilight is an early exploration of the use of chance following the example of John Cage's "Number" pieces. 10 parts for individual metronomes, with time brackets giving a specific, chance-determined, tempo, and the performers free to adjust volume if their metronome allows. Accompanying this forest of clicks is a meandering line of long tones bowed on the Marimba.

The work was originally created as a class project, in lieu of a written paper, and received it avant-premiere during Gibson's first self-produced performance in 2001.

Part of the Constellation:

Twilight | 1999 - Present

Presentation History
Any Little Dog Says So | Boulder, Colorado : March 6th, 2001

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