2017 - 2018 | Time and Pigments on Various Supports

Pigmented works that collect and document specific passages of time.

Studio Accumulation 2018 (Diptych) | Accumulated Oil Pigments, Acrylic Dispersion, and Modeling Paste on Cotton
Randy Gibson : Studio Accumulation 2018 (Diptych)
Environmental Accumulation 2017 (Pink Flowers) | India Ink, Gesso, Pure Indigo Crystals, Time on Shaped MDF
Randy Gibson : Environmental Accumulation 2017 (Pink Flowers)

In an effort to introduce time itself into the physical making of the work, the Accumulations mark specific, although not necessarily special, periods of time in specific ways.

So far in the series there exist two types of Accumulations: Environmental and Studio.

The Environmental Accumulations use india ink, natural indigo, and other pigments to actively demonstrate the time spent creating them. The works are constructed over the course of a complete moon cycle, each day using chance operations to determine an aspect of the disciplined action to be performed on that day.

The Studio Accumulations collect the spent oil pigments washed away over the course of the studio practice. These pigments blend into a new paint that carries the history of the evolution of the whole practice. The painted objects then present a pure monochrome with this new color. Eventually the series will present a durational evolution of my relationship with color.