The First Pillar Appearing In Supernova


Cassauna | 2014

Cassette | Cassauna

Released January 21st, 2014

Sold Out

The two sides of The First Pillar Appearing in Supernova could be considered as opposing explorations of the simplest section of my ongoing work, Apparitions Of The Four Pillars. When approached by Cassauna to make this cassette, I knew I wanted to use the mechanism of the cassette to create the work. As with my previous work for cassette, Analog Apparitions on The Tapeworm, the sound of the cassette is integral. Cassettes of individual vocal drones were recorded onto a Marantz PMD222. Using the volume and speed capabilities of the Marantz, I worked with a single line at a time to create a dense harmonic world from a simple intervallic source.

Includes the Compositions:
The First Pillar Exploding The Upper Drone With The Violin Analogue, The Nestled Melodic 27, and the Apparition Of The Eternal Tonic From Apparitions Of The Four Pillars | 30 Minutes | Voice and Pitch Shifting Vocal Drones with Violin to be recorded on Cassette Tapes
The First Pillar Imploding The Principal Drone Under The Addition Of 9 In Melodic Counterpoint From Apparitions Of the Four Pillars | 30 Minutes | Voice and Pitch Shifting Vocal Drones to be recorded on Cassette Tapes

Randy Gibson: Voice + Cassette Manipulation
Drew Blumberg - Violin (Side Two)

Recorded and performed on a Marantz PMD222.

All compositions © Randy Gibson / Golightly Music ASCAP