June 26 - 28, 2014

River to River Festival: The Set Up: I Nyoman Catra | The Set Up: I Nyoman Catra at River to River Festival | 120 Wall Street

Choreographers: Wally Cardona, Jennifer Lacey with Nyoman Catra
Composer: Jonathan Bepler
Musicians: Jonathan Bepler, Randy Gibson and Megan Schubert
Dancers: Rebecca Warner, Jennifer Lacey, Wally Cardona, and guests

In The Set Up, choreographers Cardona & Lacey initiate each process by working with a master artist who has dedicated his/her life to a tradition – in this case, Nyoman Catra, a master Balinese Topeng dancer from Mengwi, Bali. Through this, the two choreographers examine and redefine their own recalcitrant contemporary discipline.

Each installment of The Set Up is made and performed at a distinct site outside of a theater/venue and everything on-site is always usable material. The Set Up: I Nyoman Catra was performed at a 5000 sq ft empty storefront on Wall St in lower Manhattan as a part of the 2014 River to River Festival.

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