February 15 - 23, 2013

Fourth Avant Music Festival | Avant Music Festival at Wild Project | New York City

Performance Dates:

Friday, February 15th | Apparitions of The Four Pillars
Saturday, February 16th | John Cage's Apartment House 1776
Saturday, February 16th | Panel Discussion with festival composers Kitty Brazelton and Nick Hallett moderate by Olivia Giovetti
Saturday, February 23rd | Apparitions of The Four Pillars

Featuring the works:

Apparitions of The Four Pillars in The Midwinter Starfield under The Astral 789 Duet

One Wall — for John Cage

The World Premiere of Randy Gibson’s fully-immersive, constantly evolving work Apparitions of The Four Pillars in The Midwinter Starfield Under The Astral 789 Duet, featuring string players Drew Blumberg and Mariel Roberts, trombonists Jen Baker and William Lang, and vocals by Gibson in a lush sine wave drone. By far Gibson’s most radical work, Apparitions… springs from the tradition pioneered by Gibson’s teacher and mentor, La Monte Young, and uses simple harmonic building blocks (four pure intervals in Just Intonation) to create an otherwordly, meditative experience that fully envelops the listener. Accompanied by video sculpture from Oscar Henriquez and lighting design by Kryssy Wright, and with performers improvising while following a set of guidelines, every performance of Apparitions is a fully-enveloping totality; a completely unique, unrepeatable experience.

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