September 5th, 2014

Cage: 102 at Wild Project | New York City

Featuring the work:

One Wall — for John Cage

As Avant Media did with the John Cage at 95 concert, we’re bringing together our favorite people to celebrate one of the most influential composers of the 20th Century, whose ethos of experimentation ripples to this day through all of New Music.

On September 5th, Avant Media inhabits the Wild Project with a 60 minute performance of perennial favorite Song Books as performed by composers featured on the Avant Music Festival and performers we have worked with closely over the years.

Performers to include:

Eve Beglarian (Festival Composer 2012)
Nicole Camacho (Festival Performer 2010, 2012-14)
Vicky Chow (Festival Performer 2011, 2012)
Christie Finn (Festival Performer 2010, 2011)
Randy Gibson (Festival Curator)
Nick Hallett (Festival Composer 2013)
John King (Festival Performer 2014, Festival Composer 2016)
Kjersti Kveli (Festival Performer 2013, 2014)
William Lang (Festival Performer 2010-15)
Mary MacKenzie (Festival Performer 2012, 2013, 2015)
Paula Matthusen (Festival Composer 2015)
Megan Schubert (Festival Curator)
Nate Wooley (Season Performer 2014-15)
Kryssy Wright (Avant Media Lighting Designer)

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