April 8th, 2016

Art Share LA | Los Angeles, California

Featuring the work:

Descending The Starfield Symmetry

Performed by Scott Worthington

Randy Gibson and Scott Worthington premiere Gibson’s new work, Descending The Starfield Symmetry, for double bass, extended delay structures, sine waves, and video. Set in a symmetrical sine wave environment, Worthington’s bass is continually layered on top of itself, creating a rich, visceral, and enveloping sonic world. The audience enters into a room already resonating with the drone. During the first half, Worthington’s bass intones the fundamental while the symmetrical sine tones slowly develop. In the second half, the bass melodically presents each note of The Midwinter Starfield, followed by extremely slow glissandos towards the fundamental creating complex beat patterns that ebb and flow within a pure harmonic world. Come hear this truly unique work and rare performance of Gibson’s music on the west coast.

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