April 15th, 2023

Amplified Perception | Music on the Edge at The Andy Warhol Museum | Pittsburgh, PA

Featuring the work:

Expanding Rhythms in Harmonic Time

Performed by Al Cerulo

Performed and Commissioned by Al Cerulo, Amplified Perception is a seventy-five-minute soundscape sculpted through the music of five composers whose compositional styles are each uniquely beautiful: Jude Traxler, Eve Beglarian, Mathew Rosenblum, Paula Matthusen, and Randy Gibson. Writing for a single voice, each composer enhances the acoustic timbre of their instrument with live amplification and/or digital processing. Featuring sound design by Jude Traxler and a prelude and postlude of pre-recorded media by Cerulo and Echo Artifact, this journey will take the listener through various sound worlds – from the ambient to periodic to unearthly.

Gibson's Expanding Rhythms in Harmonic Time pushes the perceptual edge, bringing intense focus to the overtone structure of the bass drum in a field of pulses which expand the perception of passing time.

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