Two Sides


2 Voices, Electronics, and Computer | 10 Minutes

For the Dance-Film by Ana Baer-Carrillo and Kim Olson
text by Laine Rettmer



Voices + Sine Waves
Digital Download and Limited Edition CD | Avant Media

World Premiere: Boulder Fringe Festival Finale, Boulder Theatre, Boulder CO - August 27th, 2005
Premiered by: performance and recorded version:
Adria Ryan and Laine Rettmer - Voices
Randy Gibson - Computer

Two Sides was created for the Avant Media produced film by Ana Baer-Carrillo and Kim Olson (the title represents two sides of the same choreography as seen in summer and in winter) and received it world premiere, with the music performed live by Randy Gibson, Adria Ryan, and Laine Rettmer as part of the closing festival for the 2005 Boulder Fringe Festival on August 27, 2005. The poem used as the text material was written by Laine Rettmer specifically for this piece.

The two versions of Two Sides released on Voices + Sine Waves were recorded in a single session in October 2005, well after the World Premiere. Each version represents the same basic material; the underlying music (sine waves, beats) is exactly the same in each version, but the text delivery was completely improvised. Each take is as it was performed live during those sessions. Prior to the mastering, no edits have been made to either version. The sound you hear represents exactly how it sounded in the moment. Voices and Sine Waves blending and mixing in improvisation.

Two Sides - Poem by Laine Rettmer

in between real and reflected
shivering grey
a tenuous connection
an emptiness

sidestepping solids like morality and truth
for a hair-trigger fine abandon
I'm leaving you - but I'll stay
the excitement is the space between the paradox

Part of the Constellation:

Doleo Æternus | 2004 - 2009

Presentation History
Mariposa on The Fringe | Boulder, Colorado : August 27th, 2005

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