One Work

2020 | Site-conditioned piano samples, field recordings, algorithmic process | open duration

Commissioned by Dia Art Foundation
For the series of One Work at Dia Beacon videos

One Work was commissioned by Dia Art Foundation as an ongoing soundtrack project for their One Work at Dia Beacon series of short videos in which an artist from the Hudson Valley responds to a work on view at Dia Beacon.

One Work is a concept for an infinitely self-composing composition. Individual performances, or Iterations as they are titled, are built from hundreds of individual piano samples and field recordings which restructure themselves according to the principles of Harmonic Time. Each performance responds to the feeling of the speaker and work being discussed, guiding the chance operations at work which keep the music flowing.

This work is intimately tied to the Hudson Valley being recorded in my own home here with the windows open to the world, as well as recordings from inside and outside of Dia Beacon. Further specifying each performance is a selection of sounds recorded with the actual work the artist in the film is discussing, the tones reverberating with the energy of the work itself.

Iterations of One Work to date:
One Work (Iteration 19 21II04), 2021 for Torkwase Dyson on Lee Ufan’s Relatum, 1974/2019

One Work (Iteration 16 20XII14), 2021 for Audra Wolowiec on Barry Le Va’s Two Becoming One: Here to There; Here from There, 1968–69/2019

One Work (Iteration 11 20X19), 2020 for Huma Bhabha on Louise Bourgeois’s Avenza Revisited II, 1968–69

Part of the Constellation:

Harmonic Time Constructions | 2017 - Present

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