Expanding Rhythms in Harmonic Time


Bass Drum and Harmonic Filters | ca. 24 Minutes

Commissioned by Albert Cerulo

World Premiere: SUNY Purchase, New York - October 14th, 2019
Premiered by: Albert Cerulo - Bass Drum

The resonant peculiarities of a single concert bass drum are explored to their full potential, opening the ears to the perception of overtones, and dilating the perception of time. The steady glacial pulse allows for unprecedented focus on the real and amplified sound of the drum. Select overtones from The Four Pillars are barely amplified above the level of the natural structures, creating unexpected cross-pulses and beat structures.

This work was commissioned by Albert Cerulo as part of a program of solo percussion works with electronics featuring works by Eve Beglarian, Paula Matthusen, Mathew Rosenblum, and Jude Traxler.

Part of the Constellation:

Harmonic Time Constructions | 2017 - Present

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