Distant Pillars, Private Pillars


Field Recordings, Sine Waves, and Musicians | 81 Minutes

Featuring recorded performances from Jen Baker, Meaghan Burke, Erik Carlson, Carlos Cordeiro, David Lackner, William Lang, and Mariel Roberts.



Distant Pillars, Private Pillars
Digital Download and Limited Edition Double CD | Galtta Media

When the realities of the Pandemic came into focus, I was thinking hard about what it might mean to make a performance in this new world. I had this idea to celebrate nature and our surroundings, that we could come together in this virtual space of the recording and at the same time reference the fact that we are now all spending so much time in our homes. This is a piece about hope, about nature, and about ecstatically coming together in the shared collective space of the Drone.

Responding to the new paradigms of pandemic life, this work celebrates the sounds we hear around us and the individuality of the spaces we each inhabit. In this new work, I position my tunings within a setting of birds, traffic, and the sounds of daily life recorded personally by all of the musicians involved in their personal spaces around the country.

Distant Pillars, Private Pillars is intended to exist only as a recording. It is by definition unperformable, having been assembled from nearly 20 hours of source recordings.

Part of the Constellations:

Harmonic Time Constructions | 2017 - Present

Twilight | 1999 - Present

Presentation History
Distant Pillars, Private Pillars | Album Release : November 20th, 2020

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