Quadrilateral Starfield Symmetries

2015-Present | Projection Environment

Quadrilateral Starfield Symmetry is a series of works for projection and dichroic filters. I trace free-form spirals from relevant star signs, set those into motion and mirror them quadrilaterally. Each aspect of the timing and the number of spirals is related to the tuning of The Four Pillars, so, while the work does not actively react to the music, its movements are intimately related, creating a continuous whole in sound and light.

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Apparitions of The Four Pillars

2009-Present | Intervallic Ratio Framework

Apparitions of The Four Pillars is my primary performance practice. My ultimate goal with my work is to create a fully enveloping meditative experience that allows the listener to transcend time and place and be fully in the performance. Apparitions of The Four Pillars, springing from the vast and powerful tradition pioneered by my teacher and mentor La Monte Young, is by far my most radical work, and comes as close as anything I’ve written to achieving this goal.

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Doleo Æternus

2004-2009 | Performance

Doleo Æternus was my first comprehensive body of interrelated works. The compositions that make up the Doleo family share chordal elements that were originally composed for the piece Anger in 2003. My work with the Doleo chords began to expand while working on Aqua Madora, based in the Mador chord from Doleo Æternus.

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