Ten Questions | 2011

Randy Gibson answers 10 Questions for Textura

"Once I stopped performing with the dance, and in other works without any sort of time constraints, my work got longer, but also found its natural rhythm."

The Third Pillar reviewed in London | 2010

Scott McMillan reviews a live performance for The Liminal

"a moment of relative calm, of stillness, and of pleasingly soporific and mind-emptying purity... This was no fast forward, just a long, slow slide into nothingness."

Analog Apparitions Released | 2010

Aquarius goes deep

"two half hour epic swaths of deeeeeep rage like dronemusic, the sound constantly evolving and mutating and subtly shifting, from ethereal hazy shimmer to thick reverberating metallic buzz, a gorgeously expansive dronescape"

Boomkat issues a heavy machinery warning

"these compositions are concerned with the just-intonation and "purity of sine waves in complex prime-harmonic relationships" which sounds incredibly intimidating, but is actually quite beautiful, if you've ever succumbed to the work of La Monte Young, or felt your chakras quivering while listening to the likes of Eleh. The experience is ritualistic and enveloping and shouldn't be undertaken while operating heavy machinery."