March 17th, 2017

Over the past several months I've been thinking more and more about the intersection of objects and traditionally time-based art. I'm thrilled to be making my first forays into object-hood available for purchase at my just-launched store with big cartel. This initial series of works is based in my video practice and exists as a collection of interrelated objects rcentered on letterpressed pure blue ink on paper.

I have come to realize that my work, regardless of medium, is about time: the ways we perceive it, how it passes, and, with these objects, highlighting the fact that we are experiencing it. With Quadrilateral Starfield Symmetry A:L II, I am expanding my practice to include work that does not include composed sound, but is nevertheless reliant on the harmonic and numerological principals I have been developing since 2010.

Three of these works are now available for sale with more from this series in development for the next several months. Visit the store here.