Distant Pillars, Private Pillars

Digital Download and Limited Edition Double CD

Galtta Media | 2020
Randy Gibson's <em>Distant Pillars, Private Pillars</em>
Randy Gibson's Distant Pillars, Private Pillars | Album Cover Image

Digital Download and Limited Edition Double CD | Galtta Media

Released November 20th, 2020


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Distant Pillars, Private Pillars, the new album by Randy Gibson, is the manifestation of a decade working closely with musicians to create a deep droning sound world. Distant Pillars, Private Pillars is available from Galtta Media as a digital download and an edition of 49 double CDs.

In this new work, Gibson positions his carefully honed tunings within a setting of birds, traffic, and the sounds of daily life recorded personally by all of the musicians involved in their personal spaces around the country. Responding to the new paradigms of pandemic life, the work celebrates the sounds we hear around us and the individuality of the spaces we each inhabit. Assembled by Gibson from nearly 20 hours of source recordings, the album features recorded performances from Jen Baker, Meaghan Burke, Erik Carlson, Carlos Cordeiro, David Lackner, William Lang, and Mariel Roberts.


Includes the Composition:
Distant Pillars, Private Pillars | 81 Minutes | Field Recordings, Sine Waves, and Musicians


| 2020

Distant Pillars, Private Pillars
Night after Night: For The Record

″... as eloquent an illustration of the group mind condition to which any drone performance aspires as anyone might hope to hear.″

| 2021

Distant Pillars, Private Pillars
The New York Times

″The first half of the album suggests the unfurling of daytime potential″


Composed, Sequenced and Mixed by Randy Gibson

Performed by:

Jen Baker – Brooklyn, New York
Trombone 20VII28 – 20VIII01

Meaghan Burke – Brooklyn, New York
Cello 20VIII20 – 20VIII24

Erik Carlson – La Jolla, California
Violin 20VIII07 – 20VIII29

Carlos Cordeiro – Mount Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina
Clarinets 20VII25 – 20VIII10

Randy Gibson – Garrison, New York
Sine Waves and Sequencing 20VII21 – 20VII13

David Lackner – New Haven, Connecticut
Alto Saxophone 20VII26 – 20VIII20

William Lang – Brooklyn, New York
Trombone 20VIII02 – 20IX16

Mariel Roberts – Brooklyn, New York
Cello 20VIII30 – 20IX08

Sky photographs by all performers
Mandalas by Randy Gibson from Quadrilateral Spiral Starfield Symmetry II : A:A Base 7 in 58 (2015)

Mastered by Andrew Weathers

Typography and layout by Oscar H Scott

Released by Galtta Media
November 20, 2020

© Randy Gibson, 2020
Published by Golightly Music (ASCAP)