CD solo | 8 Minutes

Julia Phillips, voice



Voices + Sine Waves
Digital Download and Limited Edition CD | Avant Media

World Premiere: Any Little Dog Says So, Boulder Public Library, Boulder, CO - March 6th, 2001

Avant Premiere: Minnesota Fringe Festival - August 2nd, 2002
with the dance Break Down by Michelle Nance

Presentation History
Minnesota Fringe Festival | Minneapolis, Minnesota : August 2 - 11, 2002
Any Little Dog Says So | Boulder, Colorado : March 6th, 2001

Created on a commission from the choreographer Courtney Krantz, Julia was a realization of a simple request: “Create something that is very extreme, it’s very quiet, but also very loud.” Ultimately, the piece was premiered on Gibson's first solo concert, Any Little Dog Says So, in Boulder, Colorado, March 6, 2001. Julia was presented in complete darkness, with the instructions to the audio engineer to continue to turn the piece up throughout, at least three people left the theater during the relatively short duration of the piece.

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