Environmental Accumulations

2017 | pigmented objects

time, india ink, gesso, pure indigo, various layering mediums

Presentation History
Rational Time: Opening Reception | New York City : September 10th, 2017
Rational Time | New York City : September 6 - 24, 2017

The Environmental Accumulations are a series of works using india ink, indigo, and various pigments to actively demonstrate the time spent creating them. The works are constructed over the course of a complete moon cycle, each day using chance operations to determine an aspect of the disciplined action to be performed on that day.

The first Environmental Accumulation was created between the full moons in April (Pink) and May (Flower) of 2017 by, each day, pouring between one and thirty teaspoons of india ink onto the center of the panel, slowly building layer after layer over a ground of black gesso tinted with pure indigo crystals. From time to time, additional layered mediums were added at critical junctures in the moon cycle. As the work dried after its completion, fissures opened and cracks appeared that further demonstrate the time of the accumulation.