Randy Gibson is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY composing with sound, time, light, and space. Gibson’s work unfolds at a glacial pace and treats the perception of time as a defining factor in thematic development and the experience of pure just intonation intervals. His work has been described as “engag(ing) with rhythms and temporality existing outside of our socially-constructed rhythms, offering a glimpse of time outside of time” (I Care If You Listen), "luxuriantly unhurried, intensely focused" (Thought Catalog), “an hypnotic mass of slowly mutating sound” (Textura) “a booming, throbbing sine wave that filled the room” (New York Times), and “a gorgeously expansive dronescape” (Aquarius).

Gibson has received commissions from choreographers Kim Olson/Sweetedge, Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble, Transit New Music Festival, Erik Carlson, R. Andrew Lee, The Tapeworm, and Cassauna. The 2010 London Premiere of The Third Analog Pillar..., hailed by Liminal's Scott McMillan as "a moment of relative calm, of stillness, and of pleasingly soporific and mind-emptying purity," was made possible by a grant from the American Music Center (now called New Music USA). Gibson was awarded a fellowship in Music and Sound from the New York Foundation for The Arts in 2016. His solo just intonation piano album, Aqua Madora V-ii-2008 21:07:26" - 21:54:40" (NYC), was selected by Textura as one of the top 10 albums of 2011.

Gibson’s studies of rāga singing in the Kirana tradition with Khan Sahib La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela, and Jung Hee Choi, and extensive direct exposure to many of Young and Zazeela’s seminal works, have brought intense focus to the environments he creates. In late 2009, inspired by Young’s systemic and eternal approach to pitch and Vertical Hearing, Gibson began developing a set of tuning theories called The Four Pillars which has provided the harmonic, conceptual, and tonal language for all of his subsequent work including his recent works with pure projected light.

He has presented performances and installations at festivals around the world including the Avant Music Festival in New York City, the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art in Minnesota, The Transit New Music Festival in Belgium, The Internationale Tanzmesse NRW in Düsseldorf, The Boulder and Minnesota International Fringe Festivals, HOT DAM: the opening festival of the Denver Art Museum, the Sans Souci International Festival of Dance Cinema, the ISIM 3rd annual conference, the Erick Hawkins Legacy Forum in New York, the Korea Experimental Arts Festival in Seoul, and the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Darmstadt.

Gibson was raised in Boulder, Colorado, traveling into the high mountains to look at the stars and the Milky Way and meditate on the expanses of life. This formative experience has instilled in his work a grand spaciousness and scale. In 2001, Gibson moved to New York City and since 2003, has studied music and composition with seminal Minimalist pioneer La Monte Young.

In 2003 Gibson founded Avant Media, a non-profit organization dedicated to expansive collaborative artistic endeavors, and, since 2010, curated the Avant Music Festival, celebrating composers’ singular visions in dedicated concerts and installation experiences.